Taylored Security Services Ltd

Facilities Management

At Taylored we know how time consuming facilities management can be for any business. You may deal with many suppliers and contractors to obtain the goods and services you require to successfully manage your business.

One of our client's facilities that we monitor and manage

Working with many suppliers and contractors we look to revolutionise this time-consuming process for you, by you advising us what you need and we will source this for you. That way you only need deal with one contractor for all your requirements. We will offer you the best deal we can find and it’s your choice whether to accept this or not, but we find that the time we can save you providing this service really means your time can be more productive managing the more important aspects of your business.

Within our facilities sector, we can supply individual or teams of people to litter pick, and clean your premises. These services are mainly to shopping centres, private roadways, service yards and car parks. In addition, we will maintain the landscape areas and walk ways where applicable, removing weeds, unwanted vegetation, cut back bushes and trees, replant where required and organise through specialist contractor’s necessary services such as pest control.

Fully Integrated Service Package

These are contracts where we train our teams to provide all three main services we offer. We are aware that it can be time consuming and costly for you to seek separate contractors for your security needs, cleaning requirement and car park attendants.

We can and do provide this as one package. That way you need only speak with one person about any of the services supplied. Our employees are multi-skilled and will be trained to suit your needs. For example, it may be that case that we combine the parking and security role, so each officer can perform both tasks. This ensure the work can be completed with the minimum of staff required, which of course reduces your costs, but more importantly you, your employees and your customers and or tenants they have the continuity of staffing which is vitally important. In our experience, fewer officers and or staff work much closer together as a team and generally have a greater pride in what they do. This comes from the fact that they have dual roles so can easily switch over during shifts, which keeps their focus on providing you with the best performance.

Our employees will always have your best interests at heart, our security teams will not just walk past discarded litter or simply just call the cleaning team, they will rectify the problem by removing the offending litter. If specialist cleaning is required yes, they will call for the cleaners, but will remain where they are and direct people away from the issue until it is resolved.

Property Services

Our property services sector supplies everything you may need from a simple repair to more complex renovations and conversions of commercial property. We work with many recognised and industry approved contractors, who have a track record for delivering quality workmanship, to budget and to time.

We have general builders, electricians, plumbers, plasterers, joiners, carpenters, fencers, landscapers, tree surgeons, pavers and roofers.  We also use specialist demolition and groundwork companies should the need arise.

One of our client's facilities that we monitor and manage